How To Drive 300 Yards

How To Drive 300 Yards

OK guys. Lets be honest. By reading this you are where I was sometime ago. Loving the game of golf but usually not happy about the scores. It was just those one or two shots each round that kept me going. What I wanted though was to find out how to drive 300 yards.

But.. what if you could make those one or two shots more often. If you could improve your golf score just by one shot, every three holes you handicap drops 6 strokes. Is that so hard to imagine.

Then suppose you could drop just one more shot every 6 holes. That´s 9 shots down. Impossible…no. Like me a while back you have just not yet found the secret.


In every sporting competition, there are specific goals that the players hope to attain. Football (USA Style) has the touchdown, Basketball has the slam dunk, and baseball has the home run. Each one of these targets is seen as the pinnacle of achievement. Golf is no different.

In golf whether you are driving off the white, yellow red or blue (blue is not used in all clubs) the goal of achieving a desired outcome is the same. Most people accept they won´t drive the best shots in golf shots in the world. What there is, is that holy grail of golf shots is hitting that 300 yard drive. Using all of the golf techniques at their disposal. I will talk about how to drive 300 yards and how to strike the best golf drives that your friends will truly envy.


how to drive 300 yards
Needs Work

I often notice many amateurs golfers, like us, prepare for their hoped for longest drive by walking up to the tee, careful placement of the ball, stepping back, quick shoulder roll, and the practice swing with the new $300+ driver, which they were told was one of the best golf drivers around. Sounds good so far. Often followed by incorrect feet placement, tightening of all muscles, too short a back swing, and trying far to hard to generate the club head speed to hit 300 yards.

The drive in golf is so important. A great tee shot sets up all other shots. With a bad tee shot the golfer is on a rescue mission. the second shot has to be longer than wanted or needed. The third shot is then not as easy as it could be. Also the rescue shots carry more pressure, more body tightening and less ease of the swing. Learning how to drive is fundamental to our game. 

I noticed it because that is exactly what I did.

I had reached the point where I had to try something different. The club pro was excellent but like all teachers, coaches, mentors there are limitations. Also the amount of $$$ I was spending on lessons was really adding up. In the USA a 45 minute session can range to $50 up $90. For most of us this costly. For a sport I loved I realized that I was spending but not really improving. I wanted to learn how to drive 300 yards and really improve my overall golf swing.


I find golf is a great confidence builder. I go have some lessons, play some great golf and even I can tell there is more of a swagger in my step after a great round. See the guys with a bad round…shoulders hunched, slow walk, quiet voice – Great golf makes you feel great. And that was before I leant how to drive 300n yards. Imagine my swagger now. And you can achieve this also


Dear friend, You should be asking the question of “How can I play better golf more consistently?” Learn as much about your game as you can, just don´t take too much advice from a 20 handicapper who may be a couple of strokes better than you. Get advice from the guys who can do it.

The one key ingredient I have yet to come to is vital to your success on the golf course and it this that in want to share with you.

After all the trials I have been through with this loveable, enjoyable but frustrating game it is about understanding your abilities, applying new skills. I realized that learning how to drive 300 yards would improve both my game and the enjoyment I get from it.

how to drive 300 yardsIn a sense, the story only begins with great drives. I am not a just muscular guy with a knack for hitting a golf a golf ball. Although I was certainly those things too, I wanted to be a complete student of the art of the golf swing. I had a background of playing other sports, and knew some things about how the body muscles work but I was not able to put all this understanding where I wanted it.


So I looked around for someone who has done this . Has learnt how to get golfers of different ages, different abilities, different physiques to move their game further that they would have thought possible.

I wanted to know how to achieve great swing speed. The best way to hit my longest drive. How to achieve driving a golf ball 300yards. The skills necessary to generate enough club head speed for a 300 yard drive.

How to drive 300 yards
Looks easy eh!

What new golf techniques could I apply to my game- I know that the swing needed to hit 300 yards would also be there for my other shots. The second shot, the chip shot, the approach shots. I could take my game to a new level.

I just needed someone to show me and I was dollared out with the club pro. He was brilliant but I felt I had gone as far as I could there. I needed different advice.


A friend (whose golf I envied) told me about a program he found a while back. He learn a few easy trick that skyrocketed his scores.

Think about it,” he said.” Don’t over complicate it. Just gaining one shot every 3 holes drops you score by 6 strokes.”

So I sceptically checked out this course. Must admit I had thought the only way to learn was via a pro at the club (I was wrong), but I had been looking for something new. So…… 

This course said

Add 40 – 70 yards to your drive

Without using a swing trainer

Without hiring an expensive golf coach

Without having to give your golf swing a complete overhaul

and continued with

It doesn´t matter if you are out of shape (or over weight)

It doesn´t matter if you have have or have had arthritis,tendinitis or muscle problems.

It doesn´t matter if you are new to golf or have been struggling at golf for a years.


If you have ever dreamed about hitting the golf ball 300 yards.

If you have ever dreamed about getting that golf handicap down.

If you have ever wanted you friends to go “Wow” as your golf ball sails past their´s. Then you have to check this out.

Once you master his simple techniques all other shots suddenly become easier. you will have programed you golf swing to be so much better

He is also giving extra bonuses at present. I do not know how long that will go or or when he will increase his price.

This guy show just one “ridiculously simple” (his words not mine) technique

of using the, power that you already have but are not using…. yet.

This whole course would cost me less that one session with the golf pro. Hell he even puts in a guarantee for you.

So I had 2 choices

The first choice: Stay the same as I was, being an OK golfer but always looking for the secret to the 300 yard drive. Knowing that I would not find it, and probably paying out loads more dollars on more lessons, gimmicks and new clubs that I was convinced “would be better that the clubs I have”


The second choice: Take this guy up on his course costing less that one lesson with the golf pro. What he had taught my friend sure had worked for him. And all this without travelling to see the golf coach.

So I made the obvious choice. My handicap came down, my scores came down and my enjoyment sky rocketed. And yes…you should see my swagger after a round of golf. Now

So make your choice.

Stay as you are


Grab you chance to learn how to drive 300 yards .

Don’t just take my word for it. Click this link and just look at the course yourself´. Let Terrance himself explain everything, what you get, the bonuses the ridiculous price (which I do not think he will keep much longer).

Go ahead- improve your golf today and learn How To Drive 300 Yards.

How I Learnt To Drive 300 Yards And You Can To


In this blog I want to show you how I learnt to drive 300 yards and also how can do this as well. How to drive 300 yards is always the aim of the average golfer. Now you can achieve this. Why do we play golf? Pеорlе take uр golf fоr various rеаѕоnѕ. Health social, business contact. Then it becomes wonderfully addictive. Immense satisfaction at those first few shots where you fell…”yes I can do this”.

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